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Young people’s health and safety
Explain what risk assessment is and how this is managed in the work setting A risk assessment is identifying a hazard which may cause harm and doing everything possible to stop that hazard hurting anyone, for example looking at all toys in the nursery for any broken or very small toys.

This is managed in the work setting by caring out a risk assessment. the risk assessment will include a list of any hazards, assessing the likelihood of the hazards posing a risk, estimating the severity of the consequences and developing an action plan to eliminate the hazards or minimise its affects through control measurements. For example the hazard is sunburn- control measurements are use sun cream and provide sun hats etc.

Understand the use of risk assessments in relation to health and safety

It is important to assess health and safety hazards posed by the work setting or by particular activities in order to prevent risk of injury to oneself, fellow colleauges and service users.I would report any potential health and safety risks that have been identified immediately to my line manager both verbally and by written report if necessary. Risk assessment can help address dilemnas between rights and health and safety concerns as the risk assessment will highlight a risk, therefore if there is any dilemna as to whether the client could carry out an activity, as they may be legally entitled to, there will be legal documentation to state that an employee has notified the client of the risks involved in that activity.

Understand procedures for responding to accidents and sudden illness

An accident could be described as an unintentional incident which could possibly have an adverse effect on a persons wellbeing, initiated from outside the human body, whereby there may be some initial warning. Some of these incidences can include a slip, trip, fall, burn or cut. A sudden illness can be described as an incident that occurs without warning, from within the human body, for example, a stroke or heart attack. If an accident or sudden illness occurs then policies and procedures to follow include making the situation safe if possible, treating my casuality if possible, as I'm a first aider, reporting any accidents etc that occur in the health and safety at work/accident book and reporting these to my supervisor or manager. In general I would follow all organisational and legal policies in place.

Move and handle equipment and other objects safely.

The legislation that relates to moving and handling is the Health and Safety at work act 1974. It is important that all risk assessments are carried out on the individual or object before hand. You must bend your knees and not your back, hold objects to your chest and do not lift anything above the weight that is specified by your employer. In my role as a volunteer at ... I lift items of very little weight except from time to time I will lift tables in the setting up of the drop in which is always carried out by two people in order to evenly distribute the weight.

How to handle hazardous substances and materials

Some hazardous substances and materials that may be found in the workplace may include electrical equipment, hot water, chemical substances hazardous to health, soiled linen, various detergents etc., needles and other residents and people. Hazardous substances should always be stored in their correct containers and should be clearly labelled. They should always be used only by people who are properly trained to use these substances and trained people should use these in the manner that they have been trained to use these substances, they should be disposed of in the correct manner and using correct storage containers that they are due to be disposed in.

How to promote fire safety in the work setting

Some practices that prevent fires from starting include not allowing rubbish and combustible waste to accumulate or bins to overflow,...
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