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rehursal log

In this lesson my group worked on the cooking scene which is near the end of the performance.In this scene the main charcaters are me and Victoria, Victoria comes onto the stage first and sits down at the cooking table and starts to stir her food and looks around to see if anyone is around and than tastes the food and spits it back into the bowl. than i walk on behind her whith a big box of oranges and she gets a shock and starts working normally. I pull some faces as if i was gonna sneeze and than i do a long, over dramtic, loud sneeze over the oranges. than i put the oranges down beside the table and used a big gesture to wipe my nose down my sleeve. some oranges fall out of my top and Victoria asks what i am doing and i start to complain about all the things doreen is making me do for example shes making me make orange soup even though there is no such thing shes making me bath her and clean her everything she could do herself, and i think about her making me wipe her back side so i shout, 'and if she wants me to wipe her back side, ill show you where this orange will be going' and than Victoria doesnt listen to me so i shout 'are you listening to me i want a reply, reply to me!' and i start to throw oranges of her and she doesnt notice until one of the oranges go into her bowl and splash all of the food out of it and all over her. than she says ' who are you on about ?' and i say ' that bitch upstairs!' but than when we had someone watch that scene, we figured that bitch was to much of a modern word and was not soemthing that someone would say in the time of the production. so we changed it to lady smuck.

my weaknessess in this performance was my voice, i have to work on not say my lines to fast. I have to slow my dialouge down and lower the tone of my voice cause i shout my dialouge when i should say it.
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