Improvisation for Drama

Topics: Actor, Audience, Performance Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: July 14, 2013
There was a stage where I was less confident with myself and I really, well ‘sucked’. The current topic what we’re doing in Drama is improv (improvisation) and the topic is quite a hard one at first but the more someone does it the better you get and the easier it gets. My experience with improve is that at the start i didn’t do as well and that did affect my confidence. Working on it over and over again and playing all the improv games really did help me out and I’ve realised that I’m doing almost 100% better at improvisation due to practising. My self esteem has boosted a lot, because now I feel more comfortable in acting and it has made me feel better about who I am as a person. I have been observing everybody else doing it and I’ve realised that everyone is getting better at it and learning from their mistakes. They have been improving a lot and this skill they’re developing will definitely help with their confidence on stage and they’re future performances. Improvisation is a very important skill to have because it helps any actor develop self confidenc. What used to be a collection of party games and acting exercises has become a legitimate form of entertainment all its own. Improv can help you develop creativity and imagination because they need to think outside of the box to make it work and turn it into something interesting and/or funny. It would teach actors to listen to each other while onstage, help them develop interesting characters, and teaches them a bigger variety of choices to do in a performance. And well, improv is fun.  There are times when improvisation is appropriate during a performance. If something unexpected happens, whether it’s a late entrance to a scene, a forgotten line or any other malfunction, an actor who has done improve and developed skill in it, who can think on his/her feet, can keep things in control without the whole thing falling apart and without the audience even noticing. If the show requires audience participation,...
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