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CSE219 OBJECT – ORIENTED PROGRAMMING LAB Cycle Sheet – I 1. Create a class that registers your details by taking reg.no, name, age and mail id. Create a function that prevents duplicate entries of objects based on reg.no. (b) 2. Create a class account that maintains acc_no, name, and balance. Perform deposit, withdrawal and statement print operations. (statement print must print all the transactions that has taken place so for – use structures inside the class to maintain the details about transactions)(b) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3. Create a class that holds the details of the mobile phone like brand, imei, no of sim cards, phone numbers etc.,. Allow user to login with their mobile no. Use a function that sends a message from that mobile. Maintain the details of the message as a static member inside the send message function and display each time all the messages sent from that mobile. (b) 4. Create a class ID_card that maintains the details in an ID card. Perform insert, update, delete and display operation through functions that takes input through reference parameter. (c) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5. Create a C++ program that takes employee details like ID, first name, last name, age and address. Create a class for student {name, course, regular/parttime, address}. Use friend function to check that a student with same name and address can’t be a regular student as well as an employee. (c) 6. Synthesize a C++ program that has two classes (one for employee and one for student), have a separate class for address (with door no, street name, city, state) and reuse address both for employee and student. Perform insert, delete and display operations by taking choice of person (employee or student) from the user. Allow user to have more than one address also. (c)...
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