OCR level 2 UNIT 207 use electronic messaging systems

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1.1 Describe the main types of electronic message systems
Two of the main types of electronic message systems are as follows: E-mails, these work by the message leaving your inbox, it is then transferred to a number of servers before it reaches the other persons inbox. During this time it passes through a few servers, some of which save the email for future reference, faxes are another type of electrical message system, this works by drawing the documents through it, scanning them and saving digital images into memory. The machine dials the number, waits for acknowledgment from the fax machine on the other end then transfers the images using different frequency tones to translate varying shades of dark and light.

1.2 describe the different features of electronic message systems Emails are more superior then Faxes as you can attach things, and they can be used for a variety of things. Signing up to websites, they can also be used for video conferencing. You are not limited to how long the email is you are sending, however when you are using a fax machine you are charged by how many pages you send. This can be costly if it is used on a regular basis, whereas emails are free and readily available.

1.3 Explain the purpose of keeping an electronic message system up to date? The purpose of keeping an electronic message system up to date is that we know which messages we dealt with also to avoid miscommunication. It also allows you to have more clear view at other messages. For example every day when I’m coming to work I’m checking my emails and as soon as I reply or finish reading and it’s not important I will remove it from my inbox so it is free from unwanted messages. This will then be filed away into the appropriate subfolder. This is then held on file if it needs to be looked at in the future for some reason.

1.4 Describe how to use an electronic message system to check and delete or discard messages? To answer this question I will be using an...
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