Topics: Lexical item, Sentence, Corpus linguistics Pages: 3 (656 words) Published: July 26, 2014
 Sample lesson Plan
3 minutes
Answers are checked and discussed by the teacher
Awareness raising.
Associating word with its context.
Sheets of papers with the passage written on it. One copy for each student. Ss scan a given passage and notice what comes before and after words given. At the end of the session students will be able to:

1. notice different collocates of a given word.
3 minutes
Answers are checked
Awareness raising
The reading passage.
Ss underline each chunk or collocate that contains the given words. 2. discover collocations.

5 minutes
Answers are checked
Work cards with a collocation table on each one .
Ss are asked to write the collocations on work cards on the form of a table prepared by the teacher. N+N
Aj + N
V +N

3. classify collocations according to type (e.g. V+N ; N+N ; Aj.+N. etc )

5 minutes
Teacher checks answers
Analyzing and reasoning
Vocabulary notebooks
Ss are asked to find other pairs of collocations and chunks that are arranged randomly in the text (e.g. idioms, fixed expressions, semi fixed expressions, etc.) 4. analyze lexical patterns in the text.

10 minutes
Answers are discussed and written on the board
•Using dictionary
•cooperating with others.
Collocations dictionary or printouts of some pages.
Word cards.
In groups, ss use collocations dictionary or printouts of some entries for the given words to find more collocates for the words and more information . They record the information obtained on word cards prepared by the teacher . One card for each word. 5.use collocations dictionary to find out more collocates for the same headword. Hypothesize

5 minutes
Teacher checks ss' recording of collocations.
•Using vocabulary notebooks
• cooperating with peers.

Vocabulary notebooks
Ss use their vocabulary notebooks to record the learnt collocations using mind maps or 1-5 boxes or...
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