Online vs Traditional Education

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Katy Hill
Compare & Contrast

Compare & Contrast: Traditional Schooling vs. Online Classes

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It’s 8:42 p.m., and this chapter eight Algebra assignment must be submitted electronically by 11:59 p.m. tonight! I’m having “technical difficulties” while trying to upload my homework, oh no! I emailed my instructor to let her know what’s happening, but she hasn’t responded – to top it off, this darn thing is worth 100 points. The worst part is when I was registered for this class, I wasn't even give the option to take it a traditionally or online. I’ve never been great at math, and I'm definitely not what you call a 'self-teacher'. I’ve always learned better hands-on, where I am in class so I can simply ask my instructor directly if I have a question and get an immediate response. This, however, is my personal learning preference – other students may prefer to complete courses online on their own time. With ever-changing technology and demand for convenience, it’s no surprise students often have the option to take classes traditionally or online. While there are several similarities to these two class types, there are also differences among them. If you’re not particularly...
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