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Executive Summary


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Online Retailing (Online Selling And Home Delivery of F MCG Products):

Executive Summary

Idea :

As people get busier in their life, they need to really plan out their schedule and use their time constructively. This idea basically targets working professionals (singles or married couples where both are working) who are very busy in their life-mainly office going people who start early for office and come late at night. With the corporate world going more busier with greater work load and higher packages, you like jobs that are not very important for you to be done by someone else, so that you devote your time on things which are close to your heart or important for you. Shopping FMCG products like soaps, detergents, tooth paste, packed food items, shampoos, oils, kitchen products and other household products are some of them that one would like not to spend their valuable time when they have other important works to be completed. People generally know the items that they need and they have to buy it on a regular basis. It takes considerable amount of time shopping for these items in a traditional way and even with retail chains, where considerable amount of time is taken in searching for the products, billing process and product verification according to bill.

To make this task simple we have come out with a concept of online selling and home delivery of products. Consumers have to visit our website where various products information will be available. They will be provided with a facility to buy it online in a shopping category of our website. They can directly go to this particular section and make the list of products they want to buy which are categorised according to product types available through drop down menu which they have to select and the quantity...
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