Online Grading System of Iias

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This chapter discusses the summary, conclusion and recommendation of the “Online Grading System of InfoTech Institute of Arts and Sciences”.


Technology has certainly changed the way we live. It is good to know that the use of technology in the daily transaction and business processes of certain institution becomes more comprehensive, using technology we can easily accommodate all the needs in terms of information and documents tracking. However, some institutions still using the manual process which results to some of the important transaction may interrupt and delay especially in grading system. The proponents decided to propose this thesis entitled “Online Grading System of InfoTech Institute of Arts and Sciences” to taking up the current grading system to the web. The main purpose is to help instructors on inputting their student’s grades. It is designed to instructors to input grades on the web and to make fast, easy and detailed, which is also for students and parents to easily view the grades. An Online grading system is very reliable, efficient and fast but it is more usable if it taking up to online or put it on a website. Using online grading system are very popular today and aside of being a service within the Internet that allows faculty to submit grades to the school.

Based in the analysis data, the findings were as follows:

From the analysis of data results from previous chapter, the following findings and summarize are as follows:

A. Summary

1. User Friendly – It has a result of 4.35 in overall rating of each questions with the interpretation of Very Good to the User Friendly environment which stated the “Online Grading System of InfoTech Institute of Arts and Sciences” most of the respondents said that the functions and flow of the online grading system were easy to use and user friendly.

2. Speed –It has a result of 4.2 in...
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