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Online Examination System forms the lifeline of the Educational Institutes to thefunctioning of the Examination. It is very essential for an Institute to handle theExaminations and their results. It is very useful for an Institute to test its student scontinuously for their mutual development. This system is helpful for conducting(M.C) Multiple Choice Examinations which can be conducted regularly as well as for surprise tests and provides immediate results saving the precious time of faculties to check the papers and prepare mark sheets.The IT initiatives have encouraged various Organizations to develop systems tofacilitate their day to day operations. The Online Examination System will includevarious Courses (IT, Commerce, Science, etc) and subjects for conducting examinations. This system helps in conducting examinations quickly and can thushelp in saving time and the operations will be carried out efficiently.With the effective use, any Institute can apply the “Online Examination System” for conducting quick examinations and getting better results in less time.


Front end as:

Back end as:


Hardware Environment

Pentium IV
80 GB Hard Disk 
512 MB RAM

Software Environment

Any Operating System


➢ To make the examination process in the institutes fast, reliable, and error free.

➢ Hosting on the Intranet can provide a secured Examination channel for any institute.

➢ Registration of users can be used to generate revenue and thus can be profited form the system.

➢ Real time report generation gives quick results to given exams.

➢ Entrance examinations can also be conducted.

➢ The database is self explanatory as the code.
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