Online classes vs. Traditional classes

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Online Classes Vs. Traditional Classes

Online classes and traditional classes are both great ways to receive an education. They both strive for the same purpose, which is to help students reach their goals during college. Although both online and traditional classes are great, they do differ in some ways. The four major differences between these classes are, interaction between students and professors, convenience, the learning process, and the cost.

The student/teacher interaction plays an important role between these two class settings. Students in a traditional class setting have the abilit7y to listen to the instructor, talk about lessons, ask any questions that they may have, as well as take part and watch any demonstrations. In a traditional class, students are able to communicate with peers and professors before and after class, regarding any assignments, concerns, or grades.

Online students typically communicate with instructors through emails or phone. Teachers may also be able to explain things better face to face, rather than through emails or over the phone. So students may not get the complete explanation this way. Also, in the case of any questions, the professor and peers won't be readily available to provide feedback on the spot, though effective professors will make themselves available through a variety of methods, which includes online office hours.

Taking classes online typically allow students to work asynchronously, which means they can choose where and when they complete their coursework. This is often ideal for students who work or single parents who needs a flexible schedule. Online classes can also be a great approach to a college degree, for as long as a computer and internet access is available, course work can be accessed from anywhere (Sorensen,2007). Though, students who struggle to be self-motivated may find that they can quickly fall behind.

Traditional class settings are quite different. They require physical...
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