One Year I Learned the Hard Way About Shopping During Christmas

Topics: Parking lot, Walking, Parking Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: February 26, 2013
One year I learned the hard way about shopping the week of christmas. That one year it completely escaped my mind a few gifts that i forgot to purchase for some of my family. On a saturday morning i decided that i would venture out and try to find the last straggling few presents. I thought that if i left this early in the morning since lots of people wouldn't be up this early on a saturday but boy was i wrong. I asked my mom to drive me to the mall and when we got there i noticed how packed the parking lot was and how i couldnt see an empty parking space. When we finnaly found a parking spot we walked to the mall and i noticed through some of the windows that there were quite a lot of people walking in and out. Confused i continued to walk towards the mall doors until i got to the doors. Immediately as i opened the door a burst of noise of people chattering away grew louder. I didn't realize what i had gotten myself into that day. As i was walking in i noticed how beautiful the mall christmas decorations were. As i began walking i noticed most of the loud sounds were coming from families waiting in line to get their picture taken with santa. Lots of children were running around screaming and crying and giggling as they impatiently waited to get their pictures taken. As i continued through the mall i noticed how unpleasantly crowded it was. Entering the first store on the top of my list i felt like i walked right into a war zone. Tons of people were pulling clothes out and waiting in line and trying things on. at that point i became overwhelmed with all the people. The place looked as if a tornado had just went by. I began lurking around trying to find something for my cousin who came here quite often to buy clothes. Eventually i had finally found something in the right size and color and patiently waited in line. I noticed how many people started cutting in front of other people and quickly became agitated. I spent a good 20minutes in that lineup before i left...
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