Omni Hotels and Resorts

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Omni Hotels and Resorts
Industry Analysis, Structure and Corporate Culture Omni Hotels and Resorts is a member of the hospitality industry. For the remainder of this report, it will be referenced, compared and analyzed on how best it fits into the hospitality industry in the United States economy. Omni Hotels and Resorts is a relatively small player in the hospitality industry when compared to Marriot, Hilton, Radisson or Best Western, but none the less has recognized suitable returns for its respective market share. To better classify and study Omni’s performance it is necessary to tighten the focus of what its specific industry really is. The hospitality industry and more exclusively, the hotel industry, is structured with the following classifications: Luxury, Upper Upscale, Upscale, Midscale with F&B (Food and Beverage), Midscale without F&B, and Economy. Omni Hotels falls into the upper-upscale market alongside competitors such as Hyatt, Hilton Hotels, Sandals Resorts, Doubletree, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts and many others. Omni Hotels best fits, or caters to, the target market of a traveling business person within the upper-upscale level of hotels. This specific market seeks to provide services and amenities needed to perform and conduct business in a timely and fashionable manner, while away from the home office.
Market structure within the hotel industry has a few unique characteristics. All firms in the hotel industry operate with the same parameters and restrictions such that they operate within a fixed capacity, services are perishable and non-recoverable once the opportunity has passed, and an extremely labor intensive structure. Unlike manufacturing or production industries, hotels operate a fixed number of rooms, and without new construction or expansion of an existing hotel, they cannot increase capacity to capture a fluctuating

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