Olympic Park

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Business case:

The Olympic and Paralympics Games are unique in the sporting calendar and receive huge television viewing figures as well as many accolades.

Television Coverage and Public Awareness:
The Sydney Paralympics Games were the most televised, raising public awareness. The Atlanta 1996 Games sold their media rights for $0.5million and the Sydney 2000 Games sold their Paralympics Media rights for $4.1million

“The Olympic Games have always transcended sport. As individuals and nations they raise us all – athletes and spectators alike – to a higher plane.” (Payne 2005)

The Olympic park acts as the centrepiece of the game; beside the fact of ensuring there is lasting legacy for the economy and the wider community.

For London, the Olympic park project provides the opportunity to regenerate a forgotten area and leave a legacy. Lower Lea Valley of East London is known for its young, diverse population, but also its derelict industrial land, high unemployment, and poor connectivity. The city’s goal is to use innovative design to not only create a unique Olympic atmosphere for the 7.9 million spectators, but also to leave behind a sustainable, revitalized community made up of new parks, homes, employment & business opportunities, sports facilities, and transport links. Olympic Stadium this centrepieces of Olympic Park features a clever design that will contribute to the sustainable legacy of The Games. It will host athletics as well as the opening & closing ceremonies and will later be converted into a smaller capacity venue for community events. The stadium is designed as a sunken bowl dug out of the clay with the playing field and lower permanent seating built into the ground to allow spectators a better view of the action. Seats, the innovative design will allow the 55,000 upper level seats to be demountable, leaving a 25,000 seat permanent sporting venue after the Games.

For instance, Barcelona is understood to be amongst the most...
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