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Topics: Skill, Training, Practice Pages: 7 (2285 words) Published: January 24, 2014
On- the-job training is one method by which a student is given a chance to apply the theories and computations that they have learned from school. It also helps the students to acquire relevant knowledge and skills b7y performing actual work setting. Which in effect, the workplace becomes a development venue for a student trainee to learn more about her or he’s chosen field and practice what was learned from school. What is it in the deal world of industry, to feel how the employees feel on work. Last, May 4, 2011 2011 I started my on-the-job training at “RCL DIRECT MARKETING CORPORATION”. Fortunately, I was assigned at the head office which on the same time is situated alongside of Lawa-an Roxas City.As on-the job trainee at the company. I have observe the daily activities and practices that the workers and employees must comply with. I was assigned to the commercial department. And at the same time on the cashier. My training supervisor, Ms. Matilde E. Mendoza who happened to be the branch cashier. Was the one that supervises me on their daily routine. At the same time provides all the necessary documents like my daily time record card, which serves as my daily attendance sheet. Every morning, they had their mustering or meeting. Since the jokers had already their assigned department they were reminded and monitored on their daily itinerary. They also discuss all about what they must do on that day. I learned that attendance monitoring of the employee of “RCL DIRECT MARKETING CORPORATION”. Has two way sources, first was getting the record from the kiosk machine; a automated devised that employee used as to input their DTR sheet, then the machine or system processed to record the data. A machine wherein only authorized personnel can use to access. Aside from that, daily-time-record (DTR) that tract one’s employee for example the time, date, and day to day have worked within period of time. For the benefits of the following: For the business to monitored the employee daily record.

Energy efficient.
Improves and encourage employee efficiency.
Since I was assigned to the commercial department, my supervisor assigned me to entertained clients who came in for inquiries and assists them through giving information or detailed they needed to have. And give assistance in filling up the application form for mortgage loan. Another duty or responsibility given to me was file and arrange customer records. Writing or making statement of accounts.

Reading list and check list
Encode and compute the client’s income statement data on their database (e.i. cash or monthly installation). Posting entries on clients ledger cards.
Posting the pricelist on the company’s products.
Filling the used Boucher for the employee (e.i. gasoline consumption receipts) Filling the deposit slip forms.
Make the chattel of mortgage loan contract.
May 5, 2011
Nervousness and shyness are always when it’s you’re first time. For many reason, and lot of stuff playing on my mind. Such, I do not know the people in the office; and I do not have any actual experience. That made me quiet at first. Trying to observe on how to get along with the employee. Later on, I found out that it wasn’t really difficult to mingle with the employee and to my co-trainee. In learned that most of them were jokers and they were so nice to trainee like me. As time goes by, the nervousness and shyness faded away made bonding and been close to the employees. And I feel happy and comfortable in the department I was assigned. My supervisor Ms. Matilde E. Mendoza, treat me as if I am one of her colleague. And even I’m just a trainee, it don’t made me feel uncomfortable as I worked with her and my interaction with other employees. I later learned to work with longer patient. Although, thoroughly working on something was time consuming. The output I have learned was a big factor that I considered. I learned from the employee and mostly on my supervisor experiences,...
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