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OJT Orientation: April 4, 2011

Time: 9:00 a.m.

Venue: Laboratory 2

The Practicum is a hands-on experimental 250-hour course whereby the student undergoes Practicum training in a Corporation that will expose him to task, work situations and environment related to his course and to develop the necessary competencies and skills needed in their chosen fields.

A. Expectations during this orientation

• Sign up in the attendance sheet: attendance today, forms part of the grade (10%)

• Be aware of the requirements to pass the subject

• Internalize the objectives and description of the Practicum/OJT Program

• Be clarified on related issues/concerns

• Identify the OJT host company immediately after this meeting

B. IT10A, IT10B, CS16

• A requirement in the IT and CS Curriculum

• The Practicum or OJT part of the curriculum

• An off-campus activity

• Enables the graduating students to experience the life in the workplace

• Provides an opportunity for future professionals to apply classroom learning

• Has certain requirements for students to pass the subject

• Would be graded based on submitted requirements of the subject

C. OJT objectives

• To provide workplace experience/exposure for graduating students in the Information and Computer Studies program

• To enhance the department’s network and linkages with industrial companies & businesses vis-à-vis career placement for its graduates

• To provide opportunities for future professionals relative to the labor market

• To enable the students to apply and appreciate the relevance of classroom learning

• To gain inputs so as to continuously improve the OJT/Practicum Program of the department

• Attendance requirements for the practicum/ojt program

• Physical presence in the OJT host company must be 250 hours

• Arrange schedules and phasing of OJT duty with host company. OJT hours must be completed BEFORE end of May 2011.

• Special group/class meetings maybe required by the practicum professor; this does not form part of the 250 hours

D. Attendance requirements

• Attendance to this orientation is 10% of the grade for this subject

• Practicum/OJT program requirements

• OJT hours: 250 hours

• Attendance to: orientation and/or special class meetings

• Submission of requirements on or before April 6, 2010:

a. Filled-up index card

b. Letter of Endorsement to OJT: submitted & received by host company;

c. Resume;

d. Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) duly signed by guardian/s.

E. The index card (5” x 8”): contents…..

a. Name

b. 1 x 1 ID picture

c. Course/year/section

d. Home Address

e. Contact Numbers: Home & cellphone

f. OJT/Practicum Host Company & its address

g. Name of Direct/Immediate Supervisor

h. Location Map of the OJT host company (back of index card); provide landmarks

F. Requirements after OJT

• Submission of Portfolio on or before May 31, 2011

• The student should prepare a short size Clear Book (color coded)

❖ IT10A – White

❖ IT10B – Blue

❖ CS16 – Gray

With the following requirements inside

– Cover Page

– Table of Contents

– Resume or Curriculum Vitae

– Certificate of Enrollment

– Letter of Endorsement to OJT*

– Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)*

– Narrative report

– Journal*

– One-page Learning Experience

– Daily Time Record (DTR) (photocopy)**

– Evaluation form

– Certificate of completion (2 copies if possible)**

– Pictures taken during OJT (4 shots/pcs.)

Note: * format provided by the department

** these will come from the company

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