Topics: Nutrition, Metabolism, Health Pages: 2 (566 words) Published: February 19, 2014
Study of the anatomy and physiology of human nutrition and functional relationships to disease. Includes metabolism, cellular metabolism, digestive physiology, nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, weight management, stress, diet, the role of exercise in nutrition and the role of nutrition in development. Also covered will be symptoms and effects of disease associated with inadequate nutrition, nutritional contributions to diseases not associated with inadequate diet, and contributions of nutrition to health. Special attention will be given to health concerns of women and the differences in nutritional needs between genders. OBJECTIVES:At the conclusion of this course, students will: •Become familiar with the anatomy and physiology of nutrition at the molecular, cellular and systems level. •Be able to differentiate between the different types of nutrients. •Be able to establish healthy weight management programs. •Be able to identify and modify stressful variables associated with nutrition. •Be able to link proper nutrition with disease prevention. GRADING:Your grade in this course will be based on your performance on the following assignments/quizzes/exams: Assignments: There will be 4 assignments, each worth a different amount of points. Details about each writing assignment will be discussed in class. Discussions: Five topics will be discussed at various times during the semester, each worth 10 points. Students will break off into groups to talk about the topic and then present their opinions to their classmates. Participation/Attendance: 10 random times during the semester sign in sheets will be passed around the students to sign. Each signature will be worth 2 points. ACADEMIC HONESTY:The CSUSM Student Academic Honesty Policy clearly outlines each student’s responsibility to maintain academic honesty. The policy not only discusses cheating but also fabrication of information and data and plagiarism. Each student should pay special attention to...
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