ODHR Golden Dragon

Topics: Strategic management, Management, Outsourcing Pages: 15 (3963 words) Published: October 31, 2013

Table of Contents


1. Executive Summary
2. Overview

2.1 Statement of the Problems

3. Diagnosis

3.1 SWOT Analysis
3.2 Open System
3.2.1 Input

3.2.2 Transformation

3.2.3 Output

3.3 Concept Fan
4. Implication of Assessment
5. Intervention (Recommendation)
6. Conclusion
7. Bibliography

This report will discuss on the changes that the Golden Dragon Group (GDG), from a successful hotel that caters to niche clienteles and an owner with more than 45 years of experience passing his business over to his son and he tried to change and want to revitalise the chain without sabotaging the whole chain, he is trying to find ways to do it.

The report also aims to provide recommendations on what GDG should or should not do. This is done through an introduction that comprises of the overview of the case which explains the background of GDG and the reason for their intention on transformation. The SWOT analysis and Open Systems was used as tools to analyse the situation of GDG. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threat that might be caused due to the implementations would be discussed for the SWOT analysis. As for the Open Systems, under the Limitations we would discuss the Input, Transformation and the Output. Likewise for the Strengths we would also be discussing about the Input, Transformation and the Output. The future challenges would be illustrated in a mind map using Concept Fan.

Under Restructuring of Culture, the tactic of Organization Redesign was used; whereas for the Network Cooperative Strategy, Stable Alliance Networks was used. Moving on the Criteria for Outsource Company would be discussed followed by the Conclusion of the case. This report would provide a detailed outlook of the case and weighs the advantages and disadvantages of without any biasness.

GDG has been around for many centuries. From what everyone can see, even the employees had been there for generations. From the grandparents to even the grandchild, everyone knew what James liked. And all he wanted was to have all the employees to be together, as closed with GDG like their own family members. However, after GDG was handled down to Wilson, he wanted to quickly transform GDG into the 21st century. To modernize GDG was his main focus throughout. However, he failed to plan, discuss with his family members and the employees, and to also think properly about how he should go about it. He was very harsh, and wanted to move quickly, transforming GDG into the 21st Century. The biggest problem that he was facing was actually transforming the culture that has been built there since his father set up GDG. However, due to cost concern, Wilson clearly knew that he could no longer treat them as a family if he wants to make more money for GDG. One step into transforming GDG into the 21st century was to outsource all the departments to other companies. Many of the employees will be affected by this drastic change. What Wilson could do was to instead of changing the whole GDG, he can consider by transforming one hotel at a time. Noting the problems to the changes, so that more disruptions and inconvenience could be minimized. Another problem was that although GDG hardly advertise, they could however attract business by their customers spreading word of mouth, and repeat business. Without affecting the business, Wilson could advertise more to increase their business sales. If more people were to know about GDG existence, more business would definitely come to them. Wilson had no knowledge about what the hiring and employment process is about for the lower level staff. The team knew that to become a successful Managing Director or even General Manager, you should know how to operate the hotel from the bottom line to top. One way that he could go about was to start handling the business by himself....

Bibliography: The use of Open system model is to monitor the GDG’s current situation and to provide systematic guidelines to achieve effective working environment (Cherrington, 1994). The system comprises of Input, Transformation and the Output.
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