observation project

Topics: Jean Piaget, Developmental psychology, Child development, Psychology, Knowledge, Infant / Pages: 4 (1318 words) / Published: May 24th, 2015
Name: Yves Descollines
Date: 5/22/15
Username: 52495172
Lesson Number: 60556300
Email: dyvesdenis@yahoo.com
Part 1: Observing infants and toddlers, 3 to 36 months old
Observing this toddler has taught me many things. I was able to learn about the different forms of child development and what it looks like. One of the major forms of child development is physical. The child experiences major child development during the first two years of life. During this time the child experiences gross-motor development. The skills obtained from these developments are the ability to run, jump, catch etc. During the observation of the infant I was able to witness some of these developments. For example over the course of my observation I noticed the infant had significantly improved his ability to stand up and sit down on his own. He was struggling when the observation but seemingly got more comfortable doing it over and over again. The walking stared to become natural and more second nature however it was awkward and difficult when the infant just started. The infant also became more comfortable gripping and grasping objects. Another form of development observed was cognitive development. This development includes the ability to think rhetorically and the ability to communicate with others. The child made significant development in this field he was able to learn more words and express his thoughts in an understanding manner. The infant’s ability to play and interact with other children has increased. His memory has increased and is able to remember certain things over time his able to memorize more things and can recognize familiar faces. The final form of physical development is social-emotional development. This stage involves dealing with other children and being able to pay attention to adult figures. The infant is able to obey the adults and other persons in charge. They also become more comfortable at expressing their emotions. The child is also able to learn empathy and

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