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objectives of environmental education

By Clark-Vida Aug 26, 2014 343 Words
Module Title: Objectives of Environmental Education

To define the Five (5) Objectives of Environmental Education. •To conserve, preserve and utilize the used of our Environment. •To have a deep understanding of the Environment and its problems.

We, people are live in an Environment where we can able get our basic necessity so, it means that we are connected and dependent on our environment but as the year passed by we can able to noticed that there are some changes that is happening to our environment specifically the shortage of food, climate change and etc. and it was totally alarming.

We all know that the world facing a lot of problems that sooner may leads to destruction and it will totally effects on the people’s life. So, it is very important to develop the awareness, knowledge, attitude, skill and participation to be able to prevent the destruction to happen. And that’s the role of environmental education. The EE will give people a new perspective about the benefits of taking care of our environment and it will generate a big change not only on the people’s life but for the future generation to come.

And yes, it is our responsibility as people that we might find solution to those existing and to the future problems. We, people must be equipped with all those possible solution for the benefit of every living creature.

Role play will be entitled “Change for the Future” that is inspired by the Objective of EE. The class will group into two (2) groups. Each group must prepare a role playing where they can able to share the awareness, knowledge, attitude, skills and participation on the importance of the environment on us and how to prevent those problems that we may experience in connection into our environment. Pointers

It must apply the objectives of Environmental Education
It must contain musical scene onto the play.
It must be within 45 minutes.
Everyone must have the role to play.
Make sure that it is interactive and the audience can able to participate.

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