Obama Speech Critique

Topics: President of the United States, Nonverbal communication, Language Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: November 17, 2010
Obama’s back to school speech given in Philadelphia was given to a crowd of all ages and all different levels of education. His speech was based on how important education really is and how inspiring the youth of today is by the hard work their giving in school. He discussed how he was once not as determined as he is today and how he overcame his obstacles in school by a motivational talk with his mother. She told him to put his best foot forward if he wanted to get far in life. He explained to the crowd that without hard work and determination he wouldn’t be where he is today. Throughout his speech he gave a lot of credibility to past experiences he had in his life. He reached out to the crowd, mostly those in school, by connecting what he went through in school with today’s youth’s same troubles and issues. He made personal connections with his audience which is very effective when one is connecting to the crowd in his or her speech. By using examples from the stories of what he went through as a child and a teen in school, his topic became more personable and more alive to the audience. The crowd could relate to what the President was saying because they too have or is going through what he is saying. He addressed the audience’s needs concerns and interests. He used audience analysis and based his speech around his audience. He concluded with telling the youth that we each have to work hard and reach for our dreams and helps others do the same. That if we keep doing our part, working hard to get an education we would achieve our dreams. Obama’s eye contact throughout the speech helped him become closer to his audience. He gradually looked from one side of the room to the next constantly, not taking his attention away from the audience. His appearance, his friendly demeanor and his delivery was perfection because he grabbed his audience attention and never took it away. His verbal communication was also a highlight. He spoke very clear and direct to his...
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