a more perfect union

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” Why it worked” written by Roy Peter Clark

In this article Roy Peter Clark expressed different view of many Politian’s speech about race. Where Roy stated W.E.B. DuBois’s famous paragraph of how race is experienced in America and Barack Obama’s March 18 speech on race. Barack Obama‘s speech “A More Perfect Union”, He talks about the Constitution. He expressed how it was effective in theory, but in reality not everybody was created equal under it. He talks about his mixed racial background and his close ties with the Trinity church and Reverend Wright. He talked about the reverend’s sermons and even makes many bible references throughout the speech. Obama addresses the disturbance that is happening throughout the world and the issue of racism that is happening in our country. He finishes his speech by addressing the importance of political and social unity in our society and perfecting the union we have built so far. In my opinion Barack Obama did a good job engaging to the emotional side of Americans while delivering his speech. His speech manifest patriotism and the American spirit while also utilizing outside resources and facts. I think that basing this speech off of the United States Constitution helped express the main goal of his speech, which was to motivate Americans to strive for political and social unity. I believe that through writing about his own ancestors and his mixed racial background, Obama allowed Americans to view him as just another citizen and therefore appeal to their hearts. I also thought Obama made an impact on his audience by portraying himself as an extremely religious man through bible quotations and sermon references. All in all, I believe that Barack Obama delivered a beautiful speech that surrounds our country’s patriotism and religious spirit.

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