State of Union Obama 2nd Term Opinion

Topics: Barack Obama, President of the United States, United States Pages: 4 (1555 words) Published: May 19, 2013
On February 12th, 2013 President Barack Obama gave his state of the union address to the nation, the first of this year and since his re-election. I had mixed feelings about this speech as I go into that in more detail later. I like the general direction of where Obama was trying to go with it but I must say that I did have a few points that I disagreed with that he presented. But some of the major things which I did like was the minimum wage increase and talks about gun control. I am going to just run down some of the main points which I either liked or disliked that Obama states. Firstly President Obama explained in his State of the Union Address that we, as a country, must make strides "on behalf of the many, not the few" by "putting the nation's interest before party." I understand the tone beneath it all, but the "few" he speaks of are government officials and the rich. I understand working for the greater good. I understand Democracy, but I don't agree with casting off the other few being the poor. I think Obama needs to change up the way he words such things like this. In a time when distrust of our politicians is at a high and stupid decisions being made in congress; this was not the right time to make such a statement. Obama won the election because of the lower class not because of that higher ups. Compared to his earlier speeches this is something that he hasn't really spoken about as much or I didn't really pick up on it. President Obama also encouraged us all to "forge reasonable compromise where we can" as "the responsibility of improving the union remains the task of us all". Before broaching anything that has to do with the ordinary citizen, most of these reforms actually have to do with the government officials themselves. Most of this has to do with money and budgeting, but they certainly are attitudes we can transfer onto our daily lives. I also think that this focuses off the whole FIscal Cliff debate when the democrats and republicans...
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