Obama Rhetorical Analyzis

Topics: Rhetoric, John McCain, Barack Obama Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Obama’s Acceptance Speech 2008 Rhetorical analysis

Obama has, since his debut as a nationally known political speaker in 2004, grown to become one of the most outstanding speakers in recent years. His presidential nomination acceptance speech provides a perfect example of how he carefully mixes the best rhetoric, delivery and substance to deliver an outstanding speech. Obama starts his speech by addressing and accepting his nomination as the democratic presidential candidate. He refers to older presidents, who have walked in his shoes and then he talks personally about himself. Thus Obama opens his speech at home. After a short introduction of himself and the state of America he proceeds to talk about his opponent John McCain from the opposing party. He refers to everything bad about his politics and why he should not be elected. After bad mouthing McCain for a bit, he goes on to talk about what the Democrats, and he personally, can do for The United States. This is the longest part of the speech, and also the most important one, for it is here where he promotes himself and his party, and shows his political views. In the fourth part of the speech he moves away from home, he moves away from America and talks about Iraq, international politics and terrorism. This is also mandatory for any big political speech, because it is a big part of American politics, and it is a pull/push factor for many Americans and where they cast their votes. Finally Obama returns to America where he assures America that they will make it through the hard times, and also speaking a bit more lightly about his opponent McCain to make the previous bad mouthing feel less offensive at the end. The speech is very coherent, in that it he links the different part together with smooth transitions. For example when he stops talking about what John McCain can’t do, he proceeds by saying how he can. He used an excellent range of techniques such as the 3 three appeal form; logos, pathos and...
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