Ob Issues

Topics: Organization, Non-profit organization, Management Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: April 2, 2013
When a deadline is assigned, it is your personal responsibility to make sure your task is completed on time. But isn’t it hard to do that when the assignment isn’t clearly translated or is given to you at an unreasonable time? Think about a time when you have been given an assignment on short notice or one with very little description of what needed to be done. Did that cause stress? Did you feel unorganized and unprepared? Meeting deadlines is an issue among our organization. The short assignment reception to deadline turnover causes a hindrance stressor and stress is the psychological response to demands when something is at stake for the individual. In this case it is our grade that is at stake. Hindrance stressors are seen as hurdles that must be overcome in order to achieve and decrease organizational commitment. Our organization has a lack of organizational commitment. Many of the employees in our organization experience normative commitment, we are only here because we ought to be here, which affects the way we do work and how committed we are to getting that work done on time. Earlier in the semester we were required to write a formation paper. Though we all had the paper done on time, we got penalized for not having the paper on the table in front of the room at the beginning of class. On top of that, not all groups had the paper in the correct format. This is an example of unclear requirements and lack of organizational commitment amongst managers. Another example is when quizzes were very sloppy and unstandardized in the first few weeks of classes. No one was committed enough to look through blackboard for quiz template requirements which was stressful for group members when we didn’t receive full credit on quizzes for that reason. One last example would be the OB issues assignment. No group was prepared the day it was due and appeared to be uninformed on what it was. Organizations with a sturdy structure will be more profitable than those...
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