Challenges and Opportunities for Ob

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ORB PQ Chapter 3 : Attitudes and Job Satisfaction

1. Which of the following answer choices is the best definition of attitude? a. Attitudes indicate how one will react to a given event. b. Attitudes are the yardstick by which one measures one’s actions. c. Attitudes are the emotional part of an evaluation of some person, object or event. d. Attitudes are evaluative statements concerning objects, people or events e. Attitudes are a measure of how the worth of an object, person or event is evaluated.

2. The belief that “violence is wrong” is a evaluative statement. Such an opinion constitutes the component of an attitude. a. cognitive b. affective c. reflective d. behavioral e. reactive

3. The _____ component of an attitude is the emotional or feeling component of that attitude. a. affective b. cognitive c. behavioral d. evaluative e. reaffective

4. The following are possible actions that an individual may take if they behave in a way that is inconsistent with an attitude that they hold: I: change the behavior II: change the attitude III: rationalize the behavior IV: ignore the inconstancy

Which of these actions are the most likely to be taken?

a. Either I, or II b. Either III or IV c. One of I, II or III d. One of I, III or IV e. One of II, III or IV

5. Any incompatibility between two or more attitudes or between behavior and attitudes results in _____. a. organizational dissonance b. cognitive dissonance c. attitudinal clarification d. values clarification e. affective reactance

6. The theory of cognitive dissonance was proposed by ______________. a. Maslow b. Festinger c. Hofstede d. Skinner e. Pavlov


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