Personal Goals

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Personal Goals
February 14, 2011

In this paper I will discuss my personal goals that I have reached and continue to strive for. With that being said, I have many accomplishments such as; volunteer work, maintaining my family, learning new nursing positions, overcoming my personal health issues, and committing myself to return for a higher education and further career development. Having been in the medical field for over twenty years, I have seen many advances in healthcare. With the changing medical profession I have come to the realization in order to understand the different aspects of nursing, it is crucial for me to continue to strive towards new goals in my nursing profession. My goals have made an impact on my nursing career and the various paths I have challenged, I have come to recognize the importance of understanding that with knowledge and wisdom I have grown in my experiences.

Personal Goals
Growing up as an only child, I realized at a young age that I had many opportunities to explore. When I was young I always put others first. I spent many hours with family members whom were nurses. I admired them for their dedication to the health and well being of others. Having been shown lots of love and commitment throughout my life is the reason why I decided to help others. When I was fifteen I began volunteering at my local community hospital. This hospital is where I remain working today. As a child, I chose to work towards a career in nursing. My first goal I chose was to be a volunteer at the hospital. This was the beginning of my commitments to the community. According to The Journal of Educational Psychology, there are Mastery goals and Performance goals. Mastery goals are motivated through individual desire while performance goals are concerned with appearing capable and competitive to others (Educational Psychology, 2006, p. 354). Performance goals apply to me...

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