NYU Admission Essay

Topics: Psychology, New York City, Mind Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: December 3, 2013
It was during my spring semester of college when I gave the psychology field serious consideration. Listening to my professor’s lecture on counselling psychology, I automatically sensed a connection; moreover, it made me passionately curious. As part of researching careers in psychology, I consulted with a counsellor to confirm my aptitude and suitability of a career best fit for me. I possess the love and passion, along with a true talent of understanding others to strengthen my academic interest in psychology. Therefore, counselling would be an ideal profession to pursue. My inclination towards New York University first rose through my campus visit last year. I was left awestruck by the view I witnessed at Washington Square Park! The people, the culture, the liveliness had me trembling in excitement. I considerably admire the fact that New York City is a fundamental aspect of academic and cultural life at NYU. This aspect will give me close interaction with people, groups, and the urban life to enhance my exploration experience as a NYU psychology student. Along with an attractive campus, I was astonished by the organized academic environment, the involvement of faculty, the courses offered, and also the volunteer and research opportunities. This is the primary reason of applying to transfer to NYU. Only a few schools can match what NYU offers to prepare a person for a career as a practitioner in counselling psychology. While I am at New York University, I will enroll in introductory classes along with core courses on perception, cognition, and developmental psychology, to get profound insight of people, their views and developments; allowing me to broaden my intellectual capacity. I plan to get myself involved in the “Research Experiences and Methods” course offered every semester with the engagement of faculty, advanced undergraduate students, and other researchers to expand my experiential boundaries. It is a compelling way to learn from others. I also...
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