Nvq Level 3 Unit 1

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Person Pages: 3 (732 words) Published: November 3, 2012
Unit 1 Answers

1.1 People communicate for different reasons. To express themselves, to be able to relate to another person, to gather and share information, advice, help and support a person.

1.2 Good communication in the work setting enables staff members to work efficiently, provide both quality and speed in their job roles, communicating to ensure work is complete and knowing where staff are and what they are doing. Bad communication can cause tension between staff so no communication is given or received from one another resulting in work not being complete.

2.1 Information from family, friend, and G.P is passed to care staff regarding any communication difficulties a person may have, Talking to a person about how they communicate and there preferred ways of communication. Find out what language the person speaks, find out if they use hearing aids and if they do are they in good working order, find out if they have sight difficulties if they do will they need brail or audio communication do they have a white stick. Find out if the person communicates in different ways due to their religious beliefs or ethnic background.

2.2 Things to consider to promote effective communication is to treat a person as an individual as one way of communication may not suit all. Communicate with that person how the wish to be communicated with.

2.3 When communicating with a person ensure your at their level and not standing over them as this can be intimidating, talk with a calm voice, body language and facial expressions can help a person understand your communication with them. Using equipment for a person with communication difficulties i.e. word/picture cards, brail and audio tapes.

2.4 When communicating with an individual always watch their facial expressions and body language as it may be difficult to understand what they are verbally saying, it may also be difficult for a person to understand yourself so it is always best to use correct...
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