Nvq Level 2 Foster People’s Equality, Diversity and Rights

Topics: Health care, Health insurance, Human rights Pages: 4 (1291 words) Published: May 17, 2012
Unit 1
Foster people’s equality, diversity and rights

People have a right to have choice, which includes food, religion, interests etc. This can be promoted by listening to what the person wants, following the needs assessment or by asking the individual themselves what they would like to happen and how they would like to be supported. It is everybody’s responsibility to treat the residents equally, politely and like a valued member of society. There maybe tensions between people’s rights and responsibilities, an example of this is a person may refuse treatment, not consent, but their responsibility is to deal with the symptoms and the outcome. Current legalisation in relation to rights and responsibilities is Humans Rights Act, 1998 and Race Relations Act, 2000. The legal framework of information is Data Protection Act, 1998 and Freedom of Information Act, 2005.This may differ in different setting as confidential information is on a “need to know basis”. For example if there is danger of harm or abuse to individuals, information has to be disseminated to the relevant individual and the resident needs to know that the information will have to be passed on as a domestic we are not able to address such issues, and the incident may require further investigation.

Mental Health Act, there are restrictions under this legislation for the individual concerned. For example Section 2 – hospital admission. Section 37 – hospital order. Mental Capacity Act, 2005 asks, does the person have capacity to consent? What are their best interests? If this can not be decided it has to be referred to the professional bodies to make decisions on people’s behalf, using a process relating to best interests based on variations of need.

An example of moral rights is joining a religious group, entering sub cultures, refusing treatment, such as individuals who are Jehovah Witnesses decline blood transfusions even if this can save their life. An example of a Public Charter –...
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