Nursing Staying Afloat

Topics: Nursing, Employment, Nurse Pages: 2 (714 words) Published: October 11, 2008
Of the three metaphorical boats Robert Reich’s discusses in “Why the Rich Are Getting Richer and the Poor, Poorer” I have chosen to sail in the in-person server boat. The field that I feel is the most promising of the in-person servers is the medical field, specifically nursing. Unlike most in-person servers who “are paid at or just slightly above minimum wage”, nurses are paid well and competitively (Reich 426). However, the long stressful hours may not be everyone, and due to lack of personnel you may not be able to take part in religious holidays. Nursing is a great career because it’s one of the few in-person careers that its advantages outweigh its disadvantages.

One of the biggest benefits of being a nurse is salary. The starting pay for a registered nurse is $39,000 per year which is much higher than most of their in-person server competitors. What’s even more imposing is the length of experience needed to for+ a raise just 3 years experience a registered nurse can increase their yearly income almost $8,000. The shortage of the nursing work force makes obtaining a job is not too difficult, in fact this is one of the few in-person server jobs where the employers are

seeking the employees rather than vice versa. Many hospitals offer sign in bonuses to persuade nurses to come and work for them as opposed to their competitors, which nurses could use to pay off school debts or reward themselves for their accomplishment into getting a great career. Another advantage is the flexibility nursing offers, many can even choose when and for how long they work. There is also a wide variety of places ready to hire, such hospitals, doctors’ offices or even in agencies where you can work at a patient’s home. Nurses can also choose what part of the city they work in, such as in suburbs or downtown. Travelling nurses often get their housing and utilities paid for, so where ever they decide to live it’ll be all expenses paid, not to mention a higher pay. Even though...

Cited: Reich, Robert. “Why the Rich Are Getting Richer, and the Poor, Poorer.” The World of Ideas. Lee A. Jacobus (ed). Bedford: Boston, 2006. 416-433
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