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One day before school my grandmother told me I did not look so well suggested that I go to the doctor to get looked at. I did not complain I was getting out of going to school. I got examined by my doctor and everything was looking well and there were no symptoms of illness. Doctor Fischer, my doctor when I was child, told me that everything was working well and she could see nothing wrong. She then proceeded to tell me that I was alright and I could be on my way. Then all of a sudden I started seeing stars like I got hit on the nose. The stars started to crowd my vision until all I could see was my Mom. I remember saying, “Mom!” and everything going black. I wake up to a squad of paramedics hovering over me and my Mom crying. I had no idea what was going on. The nurse who was right about my head told me that my heart had stopped for eleven seconds and I was unconscious. She said that the paramedic team used their defibrillator to shock my heart back into pulsing but she said that did not work but when she put a warm towel on my forehead I gradually came back to consciousness. Because of this unfortunate event in my life I have had the upmost respect for doctors and nurses and because the nurse was there to calm me down and inform me of what was going on, I saw her as a hero. I am Majoring to become a registered nurse. My terrifying event is one of the influences that made me decide on declaring nursing as a major. I want to become a nurse because there will always be people who are going to get sick and need someone there to help ease their pain. Because of the nurses who helped me through my struggle have made such a huge impact on how I saw their profession. Nurses are meant to be there for you. Over the years Nursing has been dominated mostly by females. There are still men in this profession but are very uncommon. There are currently 2,909,357 registered nurses in the United States. Men make up 5.8%. Why is that? There is no real reason why. Women are...
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