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As the nurse manager of a 30-bed medical-surgical unit, you have just received the results of the quarterly patient satisfaction survey. The satisfaction scores for your unit show an ongoing decline over the past three reporting periods. You also look at your unit’s satisfaction scores as compared with other units in the hospital and realize that the scores for your unit are now lower than those of most other units in the hospital. As you begin to ponder the meaning of these data, you receive a call from the office of the vice president of nursing to schedule a meeting with you to discuss your plan to improve patient satisfaction on your unit.  

1.  How do you prepare for the meeting with the vice president of nursing?  
Have an effective plan to execute , have documentation showing the status of the unit and ways to make changes to improve the unit and creating an safe and productive environment for the patient and staff. Have documentation showing a layout of your plan. Improving the communication between staff workers.

Chapter 18 -Effective communication and conflict resolution

   2. What are some negative and positive communication strategies you have observed at the           clinical training site?  
Negative communication noted on the unit would be competition for time and attention,power/status relationship, beliefs,fear,etc. some positive communication would be devote adequate time and attention, engage in empathy


Chapter 19- Effective Delegation and Supervision.

3. What “competencies” are related to nursing practice, and how are they assessed and documented?  develops and participates in quality assurance programs using information systems, participates in patient instructional program development, participates in ergonomic design of work stations, bed side access stations and portable appartus equipment,awareness of societal and technological trends, issues and new developments and applies these to nursing,demonstrates...
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