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The Board of Registered Nursing defines the nurse practitioners as “registered nurses who are prepared by advanced education to provide primary care including medical procedures that may be required for a specialty area “(BRN, 2012). Additionally, nurse practitioners must ”possess additional preparation and skills in physical diagnosis, psycho-social assessment, and management of health illness needs in primary health care and who have been prepared in a program conforming to board standards” (BRN, 2012). Advanced practice nursing, simply said, is a licensed registered nurse who has completed graduate training as a clinical nurse specialist, nurse anesthetist, nurse-midwife, or nurse practitioner. (Medical-Dictionary, 2012). The nurse practitioner is managed by standards in collaboration with the supervising Physician. The advanced practice nurse, is first and foremost a nurse. This role carries life experiences from hospital to clinical settings. The registered nurses role sets the basis for expanding the nurse practitioner role. This expanded role allows the family nurse practitioner to examine, assess and treat patients under the doctor's supervision. They can function in much the same way as a physician but does not have the same license or education as a doctor. Ylisela states, “In a family practice, the nurse practitioner sees patients of all ages for routine physical examinations as well as for illnesses and minor injuries. The family nurse practitioner assesses any medical conditions the patient is suffering from, then formulates a treatment plan for the patient”. On occasion, the treatment plan may require the family nurse practitioner to refer the patient for therapy or consultation for a specialist.

The family nurse practitioner must document her findings of a patient’s condition as well as results of diagnostic tests, such as x-rays and labs. She is responsible for adding a treatment plan and documentation to the...

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