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  • Registered Nurse

    Registered nurses are very essential aspects in the medical field because they are the root of the healthcare establishment. Nursing has been around for decades and resorts back to the medieval era. Registered nurses and doctors as well as encourage health and provide medical attention to sick and injured patients. The actual diagnosis of the patient is determined by the doctor; however‚ nurses spend more time monitoring the health and physical estate of the patient. A registered nurse is one who

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  • Registered Nurse

    years of high school. A statistic shows that 57% of high school teenagers want to become a registered nurse after they graduate. A registered nurse or RN is someone who treats patients‚ monitors and records their condition‚ helps establish a plan of care‚ educates patients or the public about a medical condition‚ and provides advice and emotional support to patients’ family members. A registered nurse has to contain special traits such as being caring‚ compassionate‚ highly observant‚ quick to

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  • Registered Nurse History

    History Of A Registered Nurse During this lifetime everyone has to build or start a career from something of their interest.The most recent jobs vary from‚ police officers‚ doctors‚ lawyers‚ firefighters ‚ & etc. Plus due to the fact once you get in the career field you want to pursue you have to stay focused and maintain a good progression towards your career. Out of all the career fields i could pursue i wouldn’t look any further than a RN‚ which in other words is a registered nurse. In order for

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  • Registered Nurses

    Registered Nurses otherwise known as RN’s or a patient’s guardian angel‚ can work in a vast variety of fields ranging from Oncology who specialize in cancer patients to Pediatrics who work with children. This paper will be covering the training required to become one of these professionals‚ the many opportunities available to them and the risks and outlooks faced by the Everyday RN. Still in their hectic lives it is important to remember “Never give up on anybody. Miracles happen every day.” – H

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  • Why Become A Registered Nurse

    I am interested in becoming a registered nurse when I graduate from high school. I think I would be good at this job because I enjoy helping people and becoming registered nurse would allow me to do a lot of that. I believe that this job will provide many benefits‚ such as good pay‚ flexible hours‚ and the joy it would bring me to know that I helped someone or did my best to do something good for them and get them feeling better. I am in the healthcare pathway at the high school and I really enjoy

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  • The Registered Nurse Career Field

    addressed as a nurse‚ will respond (Frederickson‚ 4). Nursing occupations make up the largest group of workers in the health care field. Such occupations include Advance Practice Nurses‚ Certified Nurse-Midwives‚ Clinical Nurse Specialists‚ Community Health Nurses‚ Critical Care Nurses‚ Emergency Nurses‚ Geriatric Nurses‚ Home Health Care and Hospice Nurses‚ Legal Nurse Consultants‚ Licensed-Practical Nurses‚ Neonatal NursesNurse Anesthetists‚ Nurse Assistants‚ Nurse Managers‚ Nurse Practitioners

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  • Future Career Registered Nurse

    My future career is to be a registered nurse. I chose this career because I enjoy taking care of people. I look at myself as a nurturer. Also‚ for the past 3 years I have been helping take care of my elderly grandparents‚ so I am partially experienced. Another reason why I am interested in nursing as my future career is because my mom always wanted to be a nurse‚ but she came in contact with things that held her back and stopped her from pursuing her goals. Ever since then‚ I have looked into nursing

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  • Becoming A Registered Nurse Essay

    A registered nurse is a person who graduated from a college’s nursing program or a school of nursing and has passed the National Council Licensure Examination test‚ or NCLEX. Many pathways can be chosen from to go about getting the right degrees that are required to become an RN. With schooling and licensing comes many trials and tribulations. Hard work and dedication are the main things that will make things work in this job field. Responsibilities come in very high doses when working as a nurse

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  • registered nurse vs licensed practical nurse

    Registered Nurse vs. Licensed Practical Nurse When you actually take a look at the two types of Nurses you find many similarities and differences. There are many stereotypes placed on Nurses‚ like an LPN is not a real nurse‚ or an LPN is the “bottom feeder” in the care setting. The general public has been led to believe that there is a large difference between the RN and the LPN and the care they provide. There is little or no truth to this. I feel as though people have gotten the wrong information

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  • Registered Nurse

    REGISTERED NURSES and licensed practical nurses join professional nursing organizations for many reasons. For example‚ some join to learn what’s going on and stay current in their field or specialty. Others want to network or enjoy the peer recognition that comes from being an active member of a major organization. Nurses may join a general organization‚ such as the American Nurses Association‚ a specialty group‚ such as the Emergency Nurses Association‚ or a state nursing association-or one of each

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