NTC 406 Week 3

Topics: Telephone, NTSC, Media technology Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: November 10, 2014
Users want bandwidth and will use as much as offered to them. Compare video, voice, and data formats. Identify at least three bandwidth techniques and how you would manage them with either UDP or TCP protocols. Consider both wired and wireless networks. Do not limit yourself to the TCP/IP protocol. Write a 2- to 3-page paper.

Data signal is a mode of physical data transmission usually in binary code in signals or pulses from one source point to one or more destination point. Data is transformed into electromagnetic signals prior to transmission across a network. Data and video signal are typically encoded utilizing a digital methodology where voice is typically encoded utilizing an analog format. In analog technology, sound is recorded in its original form. Therefore, for instance, if making a recording of the sound, the audio is taken straight from the microphone and stored onto the storage media. The wave from the microphone is an analog wave, and therefore the wave on the tape is analog as well. That wave on the tape can be read, amplified and put through a sound system to produce the original sound. In digital technology, the video or data is turned into numbers that are stored on a digital device such as a computer. The more samples that are taken the more closely the digital data reflect the original data or video signal. Another option is that the data and video are directly encoded into digital format to start with and does not require sampling. In addition to this, Voice signals are generally less data intensive as only the audio part is captured and is compressed efficiently. On the other hand, Video signals require more a larger bandwidth to receive or send as more information travels in the same signal strength. PBX (Public Branch Exchange) is a miniature telephone network that is set to work within a company. It provides several lines to an external phone company where calls can go in or out. Instead of having a single telephone line...
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