Ntc 362 Week 5 Individual Assignment

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Kudler Fine Foods has established that they want to design a WAN to tie three different locations together and make the internal network in each store a Wireless Local Area Network. Then, they are requesting Voice Over Internet Protocol to each multi store network. Various protocols make all this happen. Transfer Control Protocol and Internet Protocol are the foundation of data transfer. TCP is the protocol that the internet, email and ftp highly rely on. Without TCP/IP there would be no internet, email or FTP. Two other protocols designed to process packets throughout the network are X.25 and Frame Relay. For this scenario Frame Relay will be used so I will not provide a brief description about X.25. Frame relay was based on the X.25 protocol and even though the option isn’t there to check an error, which is the end stations responsibility. Frame relay does reduce the amount of overhead associated with data transmission, which allows for a faster packet switching method. As recommended this network will use a T1 line to reach the required bandwidth from node to node. This will give the customer the option to data burst the line. However, if the network traffic is heavily congested it will be controlled so everyone is satisfied. Frame relay uses a specific fast packet switching technology that allows overhead reduction. Flow control and error correction determines the efficiency of the fast packet switch. Now what happens is the frame relay inside the network will detect the error and simply just drop the frame.The OSI model divides network communication into seven layers. Each layer describes the various protocols and function. Using Frame Relay you now get to exclude any layer 3 protocol because the operation is performed on the second OSI layer (data-link).When the company adapts a fully connected topology will be used. As for right now, the setup will resemble a Ring Topology. Current Systems Analysis

There are three locations inside of Kudler Fine Foods. These locations are, Encinitas, La Jolla, and Del Mar store has a Point of Sales Server with four Point of Sale terminals. La Jolla and Del Mar stores each have their own NT Server and a workstation for inventory accountability. Each of these stores connects through the internet using a 56Kbps dialup modem. All three locations use the Ethernet Bus topology network design. Each system is connected using a single cable that establishes the backbone of the network. The configuration described offers minimal security and makes expansion much more difficult. This configuration is hindering this company and business from growth, income, and competition. With an Ethernet Bus topology and a 56kbps network speed it is extremely hard to establish any kind of recovery plan. Finding existing components for outdated hardware on this network will be a task in itself. The entire network will need to be redesigned to offer a much faster and appreciated growth, income, and competition for Kudler Fine Foods. Design Approach

The hardware that should be requested for this task are: central server, two 802.11n wireless routers, and contract a bulk order of 802.11n usb’s for the company. The option of 802.11n network card is available. However, instead of upgrading all the cards I have decided to go with the thumb drives. The data exchange rate for this network will be a theoretical 600mbps. The data exchange frequency would operate on 5.75 and 2.4 GHz. The option to go with 802.11n does multiple things for the company as requested. The network can now expand because of the high bandwidth and the option to move out to 1200 feet. The company also has the option to use different wireless usb’s that is compatible with the 802.11n router, such as 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g. There will be no drilling into walls because you do not need any cabling going to individual laptops. Finally, Kudler Fine Foods wants to incorporate Voice Over Internet...
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