Nt1310 Unit 8

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7. A. The skull and vertebrae, the meninges, and the cerebrospinal fluid protect it.

B. The functions of components of a reflex arc are the receptor, sensory neuron, center, motor neuron and the effector. The receptor is responsible for activating a nerve impulse in a sensory neuron that responds to a change in the body’s internal and external environment. The sensory neuron conducts the impulse needed from the receptor to travel to its axonal end in the CNS.
The center is the receiving area in which the incoming sensory impulse connects with an outgoing motor impulse, which helps with connecting and transmission. The motor neuron is responsible for transmitting the impulse to the proper body part. And finally, the effector is significant
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Neural cells in the nasal ways discover odorant molecules that bind to receptors on the external cell surface. Each olfactory nerve cell binds on only one odor. In this way, the brain sorts the smells by which group of nerves is signaling. Since scents are complex, many different molecules and neurons will fire together to signal the brain for analysis. The axons of the olfactory receptor cells send signal to terminate the glomeruli. In each glomerulus, receptor cells carry scent information to the mitral cells. These mitral cells refine the scent information and send them to the brain to process.

9. A.The reticular activating system filters out the overflow of sensory inputs. Weak and unlikely signals are removed but unusual impulses that are important reach consciousness during sleep.

B. Long-term memory stores information for a long period of time, which is kept permanently in the brain. It has a large storage capacity and retrieving information generally takes longer. Short term memory informs the mind of information for a short period of time given capacity limits and involves quick retrievals from the brain, such as remembering an address. Short term memory generally has a duration of seconds to hours versus long-term memory has a duration of days to

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