Topics: Health care, Psychiatry, Mental disorder Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: March 19, 2014
Deinstitutionalization-movement of the closing of state mental hospitals and discharging of individuals with mental illness Prospective Payment-the Reagan administrations proposal of cost containment, the program of cost containment within the health care profession directed at setting forth reestablished amounts that would be reimbursed for specific diagnosis Diagnostically related groups DRG-a system used to determine prospective payment rates for reimbursement of hospital care based on the clients diagnosis. Pg 704-Provision of outpatient mental health services not only is the wave of the future but also has become a necessity today. We must serve the consumer by providing the essential services to assist with health promotion or prevention, to initiate early intervention, and to ensure rehabilitation or prevention of long term disability. Primary Prevention-Services aimed at reducing the incidence of mental disorders within the population. Lots of teaching and education within the community. Nursing is focused on the targeting of groups at risk and the provision of educational programs within the environment. Assisting individuals to increase their ability to cope effectively with stress. Targeting and diminishing harmful forces (stressors) within the environment. Secondary Prevention-Interventions aimed at minimizing early symptoms of psychiatric illness and directed toward reducing the prevalence and duration of the illness. Early identification of problems and prompt initiation of effective treatment. Nursing focuses on recognition of symptoms and provision of or referral for treatment. Tertiary Prevention-Services aimed at reducing the residual defects that are associated with severe and persistent mental illness. Tertiary Prevention is accomplished in 2 ways:

1. Preventing complication of the illness
2. Promoting rehabilitation that is directed toward achievement of each individual’s maximum level of functioning. Nursing focuses on helping clients...
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