Norman Foster and Twentieth Century Architecture

Topics: 30 St Mary Axe, Foster and Partners, Norman Foster Pages: 4 (1259 words) Published: November 24, 2012
 Norman Foster  Norman Foster is a major contributor to twentieth century architecture both in the westernworld and further afield. After starting his studies in architecture over 50 years ago he has designeda range of buildings (and bridges) and continues to produce outstanding designs today. Aswell asexploring Foster's career this essay will focus primarily on two of Foster's buildings, Creek VeanHouse in Cornwall and the Willis Building in Ipswich (originally the Willis Faber and DumasHeadquarters).Born in Manchester on 1 June 1935 to working class parents, Foster was a bright studentwho after attending a private school and a grammar school was pressurised to leave early in order toearn a living. It wasn't until 1956 after working in a bakery, a city treasurer's office, a factory,selling furniture, spending time in the Royal Air Force on national service and studying commerciallaw that he finally started his studies in architecture. Graduating from Manchester university schoolof architecture and city planning in 1961, Foster won the Henry fellowship to study at Yaleuniversity where he obtained his master's degree and also met Richard Rogers, another Britisharchitect whom he became good friends with. In 1963 Rogers and Foster along with their respective wives Su and Wendy formed 'Team 4', a practice known for its high-tech designs and thegroup behind Creek Vean House. In 1967 Team 4 ended and Foster and Wendy set up Foster Associates (now Foster and Partners). Between 1968 and 1983 Foster collaborated on a number of  projects including the Samuel Beckett Theatre project with Richard Buckminster Fuller whohappened to be one of his idols.  Foster called him a "lone voice," whose work with geodesicsdemonstrated how building form could be both economical and ecological. Orientation and building form became, for Foster, touchstones in his design of ecological architecture. - Michael J.Crosbie, ArchitectureWeek. Foster Associates has produced many well known...
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