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Low-cost airlines like Easyjet, have picked up some customers from their traditional competitors like BA (British Airways) or Air France, but have specially created a large traffic of induction (creating a new market). Easyjet operates in a different way to Ryan Air - its direct competitor in the market, which is targeting the leisure traveller for whom the ticket price is important. Easyjet has the same type of clientele for whom the ticket price was slightly less important and also business customers whose companies seek to save on transportation costs, but care about the travel’s conditions. So Easyjet has two different kind of customers who are leisure customers and the business customers. 1.2 Easyjet’s marketing mix

Easyjet is a business offering service products, flights across destinations, in the transportation industry. Easyjet operates over 500 routes and has 182 aircrafts in 28 countries ( Easy-Jet positions itself as low-cost airlines or better as cutting costs airlines. Its product strategy stops to the actual product without concern about the augmented product. They don't offer service at all but just the ticket. For example Easy-Jet's product strategy ends at the expected level of five-product levels. There is no augmented product. There is no business seat on flights (Easyjet offer a mono class of seat but does not offer last minute deals), no executive lounge at airports, no free food and drinks on flights, no entertainment on flights, and in most cases Easy-Jet flies from major airports. Place

Easyjet targets customers looking to minimise their transportation costs, or any type of customer looking for a low price. In general Easyjet’s customer is a customer who started to prefer the plane to land transportation to browse for short distances between different cities served. So Easyjet is competing as well with the airlines as the land transports price

Price is the value placed on what is exchanged during the...
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