nonverbal comnunications

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Writing Pages: 5 (1070 words) Published: October 14, 2014
This paper will discuss the areas in communication that needs to be reinforced at work. There are many things that this paper can touch on however, this paper will touch on a few areas that need to be reinforced regarding one’s communication skills at work. This paper will focus on appearances, facial expressions, gestures, listening as well as written communication skills. Those skills will improve communication in the work place. Once communication skills improve then, job performance can begin to improve. Each skill has to be studied to learn how to use them to improve on communication skills. Appearances is a very interesting nonverbal skill. This is usually the first impression one makes on others. It is important to pick the correct color, clothing and hairstyles. Different colors evoke different emotions. For instance when one wears black it gives off the aurora of sensation. It is also a great sense of power. However it can be associated with evil and unhappiness. When white is worn it represents a shiny an affirmative thing as fierce as red and definite as black. This color also creates an illusion of more space and at the same time it can be bland and represent sterile. To go even further red represents a strong feeling, intensity and love. Consequently picking the right color impacts others nonverbally. Once one see anyone in certain colors it can affect them in the way one perceives that color as discussed earlier. As one knows perception is an important factor in communication. Clothing is also a nonverbal communication. Your dress conveys nonverbal clues about your personality, education, background, financial status and credibility. Clothing is one of the first impressions one makes on their audience. People observe one’s clothes and form an opinion about that person. There’s an expression Dress to impress”. When one see’s someone dressed conservatively, they are perceived as credible. Whereas if one wears tacky clothing they are perceived as not trustworthy. A lot of this relies on perception. Hairstyle is another nonverbal communication. When an afro American wears their natural hair, some people are apprehensive, because it is different. They believe that that person is rebelling against corporate America. Again perception plays a big role in how respond. Listening is a very good communication skills. Listening is used to understand what the workplace needs from their clients. It one of the most important on-the-job communication skills .workplace needs to keep businessing. Listening is a process that consists of five elements: hearing, attending, understanding, responding, and remembering. It one of the most important on-the-job communication skills. One has to use all of those elements to effectively communicate. One must first hear what one is saying in order to process that through the listening path. Once that is done then comes the attending part, which filters out some messages and focus on others. After this is processed, then understanding occurs when we make sense of a message. While all of this is going on we start to respond by giving observable feedback to the subject such as eye contact and facial expressions. Lastly, remembering is the ability to recall information. Consequently, listening is not a passive activity. It takes a lot more work that one thinks. Facial expressions tell a lot about how we feel about what we are seeing, hearing or saying, a raised eyebrow can change what you say from being sincere to being devious. Smiling as you listen says, I agree and a sight frown or a lowered eyebrows says, I don’t quite understand. Closing your eyes and or smirking says, I don’t’ believe you. Reading a person face as they speak can help you to better understand how they feel about what they are saying. The eyes and facial expression of a listener is important to a speaker. For example if a listener is rolling her eyes or has a bored expression or...
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