Interpersonal Communication

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Interpersonal Skills
Program Overview:
The way employees communicate dramatically affects morale, teamwork, productivity, employee retention, customer relations and the bottom line for any organization – Profits! Interpersonal communication is truly an art, but it's also a science. The science of clear communication, active listening, persuasion and collaboration can be taught. Effective communication is situational. The "right" thing to say or do in one situation may backfire in another. What works with one person doesn't work with another. Effective communicators have mastered both the science and the art of interpersonal communication, applying the principles of social and emotional intelligence to each situation they encounter. This 2-day experiential workshop is designed to build effective interpersonal skills that will transform the work environment into a more productive, efficient and effective workplace. During this interactive workshop, participants will learn the skills and attitudes necessary to communicate effectively at work. Participants will walk away with an understanding of their individual power to make healthy communications choices. Through dynamic, memorable instruction on the beneficial effect of positive words and actions in the workplace, participants will learn that will help them make a profoundly positive difference in the morale, productivity, stress level and loyalty of individuals both in and outside their organization

This workshop will utilize Transfer of Learning Methodologies to ensure that all skills learned in the workshop are implemented in the workplace. This entails action-learning and experiential activities using a range of interactive and experiential exercises, debates, case studies, games and visual images/video, through which participants will apply and practice workshop concepts in a safe environment to guarantee successful transfer of knowledge to the workplace.


2 days

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