Interpersonal Communication Reflective Paper

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Week 5 final: Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication Reflective Paper
Our ability to communicate well with others is important to personal and professional success. The interpersonal communications course is planned to help us in being familiar with the system of effective, and to assess our own interpersonal ability to sharpen our critical understanding of the communication, also to improve the interpersonal skills. Mainly assess our interpersonal skills and to put in goals for improving our communications ability. To development of self-concept and identity are examined as basics for understanding personal communication. We explore our own communication behaviors and to identify areas of personal strengths and weaknesses. Interpersonal communication is differs from other types of communication. There is barely any participant involved, the interacting are in close physical proximity to each other. My report will reflect on what we have learned so far and how I am able to identify my strength and weaknesses. Interpersonal communication is ways that relationships are created, maintained, and changed. Relationships between people, usually in face-to-face or private settings dealing with issue of interpersonal communication we must realize that people view it differently. It helps us to understand why people behave, communicate different ways to construct and negotiate a social reality. Communication may contain the aspects of listening, persuading, asserting and nonverbal communication.  

Self Perception
Is the awareness of the characteristics that constitute one's self; self-knowledge. The way that I perceived myself is a strong, independent woman who overcame a lot at a young age. Who will never lets her guard down, and I’m afraid to even let my hair down just for a second to enjoy life itself. I’m tiring to play catch up in my life thru my kids. Like for example what I went thru I’m making sure they don’t. I giving them everything I didn’t have any more. When I love I love so hard that sometime it runs others off. I don’t know how to let by gone be by gone I hold on to them. My needs and wants come last to my kids. The word fun does mean a thing to me unless my kids or happy what makes them happy makes me happy. With me being so tuff it makes it hard for a man to try and love me because I’m use to doing it all by myself it’s hard to let someone in.  

Communication Goals
It is improving skills in face-to-face communication. It’s to help us think about how we communicate with others in face-to-face situations.   I don’t think people truly know how important it is to know how to communication is to our everyday life. With the help of this class I’m willing to improve me and the way I communicate to family, friends and other. Do you know how many times I tried to communicate with others and they took it the wrong was because of the way I said it or the way I looked at them. You would never think that your word and body language is ways that people judge you as a person. The way I communicate with others has a lot to do with the thing I went thru in my life. I’m the type of person who doesn’t think before talking. I could care less how others feel or see me. People always judge me before they truly get to know me and it is all because of the way I choose to communicate with them. Out of this class I’m hoping to improve the way I be interaction with other. The way I can help improve my communication skills is to always think about it before saying it and work on my body expression. My barrier is to be more consideration to other feeling too as we as mine. Sometime it takes going thru thing to help us take a good look inside our self to improve one.  

Perception and Self Concept
Are ways dimensional create that refers to an individual's perception of "self" in relation to some number of characteristics. The way that I developed my self-concept was by my surroundings. As I was growing...
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