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“ The person I am “

The most crucial question may one ask by self in loneliness is “WHO AM I? “ Of course, it’s not an easy task to answer. That’s so why many intellectuals devoted their whole life to find out who really human beings are. Is the identity revealed only by one’s physical appearance or some more valuable character are involved ? Professor Richard Gunde (2002) posits that a person’s physical appearance is the foundation on which other people judge them by (p.71). I myself as a banker who works for a well-known state-run bank deals with plenty of people face to face every day believe that it’s important to be well dressed and well educated and well communicated i.e. to have nice window, BUT more importantly my clients want me to be a professional banker with sufficient skills who fulfills their needs and to do my job best. I always use to wear official cloths i.e. suits in black and chocolate brown with polished shoes using men’s brand perfume wearing eye glasses shaved face every other day short cut hair style look so serious at work .But those who get familiar with me closer knew me as a friendly , sociable with good sense of humor who loves to be at the service of his clients. So , let me say, personality is the gateway into knowing whom people truly are. You as member of our society have surely visited those who achieved great successions but don’t care about their physical appearances. I knew someone who is the student of post PhD in Nano electronic in Denmark who has a very simple life abroad , but whoever visits him at first look can’t believe him as if he is an ordinary people unless they keep in touch with him or read his resume’. In contrast, there are lots of people around us who think nothing but their physical appearances. They pay a lot for keeping their prestiges and drive their expensive luxurious cars in the streets and don’t care about others . In case of an accident their other...
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