Nokia Applying Art of War

Topics: Nokia, Mobile phone, Mobile network operator Pages: 7 (2413 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Sun Zi Art of War is one of the oldest and most successful books on military strategy. It had an influence on Eastern military thinking, business tactics and beyond. In this assignment, we will apply Sun Zi Art of War Theories into companies chosen, Nokia Firstly, our assignment is based on Chapter Four (Disposition of the Army) of Sun Zi’s Art of War. One of the key points of Chapter Four is about a skillful general will ensure undefeatedness when waiting the opportunity to offend or defend the enemy. In business circles, we have to create opportunities to defeat and set conditions to ensure that we would not be defeated by rivals. Furthermore, a skillful general should possess to evaluate the chances of victory. There are five stages that need to look into. There are estimating the degree of difficulty, assessing the scope of operation, calculation of own forces, comparison of forces and establishing the chances of victory. All of these stages are useful till today’s business practices. Nokia is a company involved in digital technologies, including mobile phones, telecommunications network, wireless data solutions and multimedia terminals. Nokia’s history is from 1865 when engineer Idestam established a wood-pulp mill in southern Finland and start manufacturing paper. The beginning of Nokia’s journey into telecommunication was is in 1960, Nokia´s Cable Work's Electronics department started to conduct research into semiconductor technology.

Related to our topic-Weaknesses and Strengths, we would like to use a mobile phone company as an example, which is Nokia. Nokia is a Finnish multinational communications corporation. Nokia is engaged in the manufacturing of mobile devices and in converging Internet and communications industries. It is the world's largest manufacturer of mobile telephones and it produces mobile devices for every major market segment .

Offending and defending is one of the elements in Sun Zi concepts. Sun Zi said: “Those who were skillful in warfare ensued that they would not be defeated and then waited for opportunities to defeat the enemy”. It means that we not only need to attack but need to defend too. Besides waiting for chances to attack, we need to defend ourselves from being defeated by competitors too. This concept is being applied on modern business strategies and practices. We can see that Nokia is skillful in warfare (business world). Besides produces mobile phone, Nokia also offers Internet services such as applications, games, music, maps, media and messaging. Apart from that, Nokia also comes out with assorted model of mobile phone, for example, N-series, Xpress Music series, Supernova series and others with different function to attract different range of mobile phone users. Besides that, Nokia's subsidiary Nokia Siemens Networks produces telecommunications network equipment, solutions and services and it also engaged in providing free digital map information and navigation services through its wholly-owned subsidiary Navteq. From this we can see that Nokia not only attack its competitors by producing different kind of cell phone but also defend itself by having other products and services other than cell phone.

At the same time, Sun Zi also mentioned that “the ability that is preventing defeat depends on oneself, while the opportunity for victory depends on the enemy”. Nokia has its own preventing defeat ability by having their own professional designer and Research & Development department. Their designers are assigned to design some new and attractive model to attract different level of mobile phone users while research and development are carried out to invent some new function to improve the quality and value of the cell phone. Apart from that, Nokia is now planning to have collaborations with competitors. Alongside pursuing this goal of nurturing more innovative partnerships, Nokia will also be looking to explore new...
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