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Book Report: “The Art of War”

Name: Chapman, Cameron L. Rank: Cpl Unit:PMO, H&S BN, BCO

Date: 19 May 2015 Book: “The Art of War” Author: Sun Tzu The book “The Art Of War” is about looking into the leaderships point of view on tactics and war-fighting skills, such as management of troops. This book was written in view of military commanders and tactics they used to win wars and battles. In this book report I will be giving incite on the positive and negative decisions on the leadership and ingratiating on the authors strategies in getting the advantage to win by positional and organizational advantage, troop moral, and adapting and overcoming environment.

The Most effective part of the book is when The Author discusses the ways to win by Positional and Organizational advantages. When placing and moving troops it is better to place them in the more strategic places in a organized fashion that is more favorable to give you the advantage. This gives commanders a chance to create situations in which troops are positioned and ready to face adversity. When Leadership does This they need to have the foreknowledge of advantages during war such as the preparations, arriving early, amount of troops, and logistics on the enemy. However when it all boils down to it its about “knowing yourself and knowing your enemy and their capabilities.” which is why all missions or battles begin with the five paragraph order and end with the informational advantage. The author believed in “manipulability of a strategic environment,” or “adapt and overcome.” This places the priority to the leaders on conditions of battle and the intelligence they receive.

The least effective part of the book was discussing was Moral Advantage, its refers to a psychological advantage, the degree of superiority over enemy troops in terms efficacy. The author believed that the leaders should be friends with their troops, but discipline them through training and deployment. This would

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