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Topics: Marketing, Market segmentation, Product differentiation Pages: 4 (1569 words) Published: March 2, 2013
SWOT Analysis
Content of SWOT are include: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This fourth point is the basic information to give us knows about the company circumstances. If the company knows about theirs SWOT, this will help them to improve or avoid some problem before this happen. According to Mazda Company, got four points to explain; even they have a lot of strength. First point is talking about their worker, their worker are professional because Mazda Company provide training for their worker, they have a training center locate at Shanghai, its provide theory class and practical class, give them the chance to learn about the latest service equipment and latest Mazda car model, they also request their student to fix the problem by themselves of course, this all thing will help them to give their customer satisfactory answer when they have problems. (http// Second point is Mazda Company has a good technology skill to make sure their car is safe. Mazda get the highest rating by the Japan New Car Assessment Program in car crash testing and one of the Mazda car model call Mazda 3 received the top rating of “Good” in the crash test. This all reward is because of Mazda using the best technology and put their effort in the car safety parts, they want their customer feel safety when they driving Mazda product on the road. Third point is the brand has gain strong global recognition; this will help them to increase the sales. Mazda 6 has won numerous awards over 27 countries and Mazda Demio was name 2008 World Car of the year, this reason make many people know about the brand of Mazda, because this all news will be going out by the channel like newspaper, TV, or website, this all channel will help them to promote the Mazda brand, give other people know about it. The last one of strength part is the Mazda Company financial stable, Mazda company sales revenue in 2004 is 2.10 trillion yen, compare with 2003 it is increase 8.2...
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