Marketing Plan Final Project Gm522

Topics: Marketing, Management, Strategic management Pages: 8 (2550 words) Published: January 6, 2011
Marketing Plan Project

Computer Business Consulting
Leiza L Martin
GM 522
Keller Graduate School of Management
Prof. Ken Ninomiya
October 17, 2010

Marketing Plan
Executive Summary

Services Description, Situation Analysis
Computer Business Consulting is a new company in formation that will provide a complete service the consultancy in computer information system and projects managements. The company functions will be services tutoring, training and documentation of systems and/or processes design, installation and maintenance of e-commerce functions for small business market. Computer Business Consulting also intends to evaluate the accomplishment of each customer and follow up to make changes to improve the effectiveness of the each management. This marketing plan will be the key to the development of Computer Business Consulting. The objectives of the company are to assist small business to understand better their software application. Other objective is to train the user employees in personalized form in the computer function and user’s software application. Assist the small business in the management of projects in order to improve its profits and reduces its cost. Computer Business Consulting marketing plan will focus on smaller businesses that have limited resources to expend. With lower price Computer Business Consulting will be responsible for training costumer personnel in the use of the different administrative packages like Microsoft Offices, Window, and Internet. The personal will receive the training in job place so they do not have to go to the school after work. These characteristic will be making a difference with other consultancy companies or professional schools. S.W.O.T. Analysis

The SWOT analysis will help Computer Business Consulting to know which are their strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats. Strengths:
* Expertise staff.
* Personalized methods of training in computer application. Weakness:
* New company with not entrepreneurial experience.
* Low investment capital to make a roper marketing and business support. Opportunities:
* Unsatisfied necessity in small businesses for the use of computer application. * Government Stimulus to increase small business.
* Future and potential competition from consultant computer companies already established. * Recessionary economy.
Computer Business Consulting will provide at its customer with training packages in software application such as Microsoft Offices, installation and maintenance of e-commerce functions for small business market, database application development, security and data information, and disaster recovery. Computer Business Consulting will make individual costumer packages with modicum price to be established in different steps in previous agreement with the customer. According exist a great number of consulting companies, however, new entry opportunities are open to new companies because the range of specialties is great. Computer consulting is an extensive area that covers the internet, software and hardware. Also, different researches showed that the competitors do not show great concern for the entry of other related companies of consultancy. It is up to the company to use a logical marketing approach to find a successful way in computer consulting area. Target Market

Computer Business Consulting will offer training and support in consulting services for small businesses and home users. Computer Business Consulting will be focuses its target market two groups. The followed table and its pie chart show the market segmentation for number of employee on business based on US Census Data of 2006:

This table and pie chart show that the size of the different business existent in the Florida State. Analyzing this data, home offices business has the bigger area, followed by Small Business. The size of the business is defined below by the...
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