Nintendo Brand Audit and Fingerprint

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Brand Audit and Fingerprint of Nintendo Ltd


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1.0 Corporate Brand Audit2

1.1 Brand Description2

1.2 Brand Strength4

1.3 Brand Future6

2.0 Brand Fingerprint (Lead product - Nintendo Wii)7

2.1 Target7

2.2 Insight7

2.3 Competition7

2.4 Benefits7

2.5 Proposition8

2.6 Values8

2.7 Reasons to Believe8

2.8 Essence9

2.9 Properties9

3.0 Brand Equity Statement10

1.0 Corporate Brand Audit

1.1 Brand Description

Name: Nintendo Ltd

Logo Fig 1

Identity Manual

Nintendo's logo (See fig 1) holds a capsule-like shape which makes the logo appear simple and pioneering. Though, this shape of Nintendo logo gives a child-like emotion but there is no doubt about the fact that this insignia is recognised all over the world. Until recently, red was the only colour used for the Nintendo logo. The particular shade is known for grabbing attention of any viewer from a distance, hence, it narrates the vivacity of the firm itself. In 2008 however, it was announced by Nintendo officially that use of the red logo was to be stopped and for the new "discrete grey" logo which had been emerging since the launch of the Wii in 2006 was to become permanent. It is thought that the grey logo is seen to be more dynamic and "grown up" but at the same time keeps its original shape which is so recognised and pleasing the today's youth. Nintendo's logo features a typeface that is clear cut and highly professional. With the help of bold fonts, the Nintendo logo has clarity and has become very prominent throughout the globe. Nintendo has always defined themselves with the color of their current system. When the GameCube was released, it used an Indigo purple colour which defined Nintendo. Now with Nintendo’s white Wii, the Nintendo website uses a lot of white with light shades of blue to symbolize the blue disc light that flashes whenever your Wii receives a message. The navigation on the site has a light blue glow for a rollover to further emphasize that.

Stakeholder Associations

Nintendo, currently, can be seen to have two significant stakeholder associations with "The American Heart Association" in the US and "Change4life" in the UK. The two multifaceted strategic relationships are aimed at helping people create healthy lifestyles through physically active play. The two organisations will be seen working together on multiple fronts to help consumers discover how active-play video games contribute to healthy living. Their joint efforts will arm consumers with information, provide people with hands-on experiences and arrange a summit of representatives from different backgrounds to discuss the benefits of active-play video games. This relationship helps to reinforces Nintendo's persona as an organisation that promotes personal fitness and well being. This is a great reputation to have amongst consumers considering the video game market has come under pressure in recent years, being criticised for breeding laziness and therefore obesity amongst the youth of today. Parents, for example, are going to be much more willing to purchase a Nintendo console for their children on the understanding that it promotes healthy living.

Experiential Appeal

Nintendo's primary offering is entertainment through videogames. These video games allow gamers to become immersed in another world and forget any worries they may have in reality. Nintendo allows customer to not only escape reality, but enjoy racing, fighting, outwitting fellow gamers in a competitive but friendly environment. Nintendo's constant and seemingly never ending approach to innovation means they maintain their appeal to casual players who may have never touched a video game before. What makes Nintendo experience exceed that of anyone else is the introduction of motion controlled games as they...
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